Welcome Back. Love, Flatbush

November 30, 2010

Hello from Sunny D on a rainy day. I’ve been transferred to Downstate’s transplant surgery unit. The hours are better, there’s much less (if any) work to be done, and who knows, I might get to see a kidney at some point.

In the mean time, did I mention that I cut off someone’s big toe at midnight? That was last week, but with all the Thanksgiving excitement, I forgot to write about it.

 The patient was diabetic. I was on call. Imagine me: over-eager-over-over-over-caffeinated on Sunkist orange soda, actually assisting in an amputation. I have witnesses.

It was disgusting, for the record. The  toe flesh came off easily, and left a jagged stump of bone behind, which I helped remove [sound effect: crunch crunch].  

More blood and gore coming soon.


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