Progress Note

December 9, 2010

Today I went to a conference for surgeons in the middle of Long Island. Bernie Madoff’s lawyer was the key note speaker. I dozed off at the health policy lecture, learned about plastic that can replace a herniated disc, and I felt the latest achievement in breast implant technology… yeah, it felt pretty real. There were rows of tables with surgical instruments: the coolest new scissors, clamps with porceline handles, HD cameras, etc. It was like a craft fair for doctors. The women’s bathroom line was short, and I was only hit on once. I’m pretty sure it was a cardiothoracic surgeon, but he might have been in plastics.

In the evening I was on call. An update on two of the three patients I mentioned a few days ago. The youngster with the liver tumor is healing nicely. He’s still on oxygen, and it will take several weeks for the full recovery. But things are looking up for our little buddy. Unfortunately, Mr. I (when we last left our hero he was recommended for a liver transplant) is not doing as well. Yesterday he had a bleed in his GI tract. Tonight he was scheduled to have a colonoscopy to identify the location, but he had lost too much blood. The procedure was postponed until tomorrow. For now he is in the ICU.

I came home relatively early to an empty house. John Montrose is in a Punk Soul band called Sister Anne and they are on a pilgramage into Manhattan. So tonight it’s just me, the hanukkah menorah, and a few more multiple choice questions.


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