By study, you mean write?

December 12, 2010

I’ve been writing poems about my patients instead of studying for my exam. On the one hand, this is surely bad for my grade/ overall medical knowledge. On the other hand… well, I’m not sure about the other hand. Will get back to you on that one.

As for domestic matters, my apartment is clean. Thank you, rain. It turns out we have twice as many dishes as we need. I figured this out when I was doing the dishes. Does anyone need any plates or coffee mugs?

Finally, a report on homeland politics. There has been a civil war between Marcel (the uppity parakeet who lives on top of the filing cabinet) and a rogue mouse who seems to live inside the filing cabinet. For several weeks the dirty (kind of cute) rodent has been going up to the bird cage and taking food. At first Marcel was adamantly against it. The scene went something like this:

Marcel eats his food. Mouse approaches. Marcel looks up. Both creatures freeze. Mouse takes one step forward. Marcel’s feathers ruffle up – parakeet marshmallow. Mouse takes a second step. Marcel lunges and pecks. Mouse runs away to the corner of the cage. Marcel goes back to eating. Mouse turns back toward the food and tentatively takes a single step forward, whiskers quivering. Marcel chirps loudly. Mouse disappears into the cabinet until the next pursuit. An interesting point – neither animal cares that I’m one foot away watching entire the scene. It’s one more reminder that I am powerless over nature.

Anyhow, recently I’ve seen Marcel perched on the high bar of the cage while Mouse enjoys seeds for dinner. Either there has been an uprising, or they have come to an agreement. Now the scene might go something like this:

Marcel, “Mouse, my friend, it’s so good of you to come over”
Mouse, “Oh Marcel, it’s always a pleasure, and thank you for having me.”
Marcel, “It’s nothing. Really.”
Mouse, “I only wish I’d brought some wine for tonight.”
Marcel, “No no, that’s not necessary. I’m a bird. My liver can’t handle that stuff. One drop of bad cabernet and I’d be rotisserie.”
Mouse,”Well that’s good to know. Besides, it would take the whole family to carry a bottle up to be honest.”
Marcel, “Well,” chuckling ” I would love to meet the misses and the little ones. Please feel free to bring them next time. There is always plenty of seed to go around”

I am plotting the death of Marcel’s frequent dinner guest. Schantal the Turtle has remained neutral in her tank, and I doubt he will be choosing sides. A smart reptile.

All right. back to the books.


2 Responses to “By study, you mean write?”

  1. Heleen Says:

    Awww! Mousie needs a name! It’s 3 cousin rats say hello! Get some peanuts in the shell (or not in the shell) for mousie. 🙂

  2. saha Says:

    Little Archimedes – the mouse that recently came back from a three month vacation to somewhere with even more food lying around than my place – met a gruesome, cold end the other night after I corralled him in the corner of my pantry and placed glue traps at every exit. All is fare in love and war, and I did kinda like the little guy.

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