December 13, 2010

I got an iphone. So far this morning I’ve written 3 text messages, and read 6 emails.

I’ve been taking a poll the past few days. If I haven’t asked you personally yet, please leave a comment. I need as much data as possible.

poll # one: how much should a good watch cost?
poll # two: how much should a college level night class cost?

Make that 4 text messages – by 8:07 am.


One Response to “youphone”

  1. Heleen Says:

    Watch: $15 @ Target or similar place….They all break and keeping after a $300-$500 watch is not worth it. If you want to wear jewelry, wear jewelry.

    Night course: No idea…. but, depending on what you want to take, have you considered community college?…… You have time to take a night course????

    Now a question for you:… Did you (Do doctors) get a course in how to wash their hands properly? How to scrub up for surgery? Or is it just assumed that one will wash well enough?

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