I’m sorry. You’re welcome.

December 15, 2010

A domestic apology to my cohabitants – I used up all the oatmeal even though we just got more… but there’s a pan of granola bars. (taste testers needed)

News on the forefront of my living room’s civil war. Operation Starve is now in effect. We only put birdseed in Marcel’s cage for a few minutes in the morning/evening then we take it away. Maybe the free loading rodent will look for other sources of food… Like granola bars?

As for my patients: The little boy with the liver resection is still recovering and adorable. Meaning, 1) he’s doing well – has been off oxygen, moved to a bed with less intensive care, etc. 2) He’s so cute. Oh,to be a woman in her 20’s. I love toddlers.
Mr. I (the patient recommended for a liver transplant who had a GI bleed last update) stopped bleeding. I can’t say he looks well. But we are scheduling him to be transferred to a hospital that has a liver transplant unit. Unrelated to his transfer, he needs an HIV test. Yesterday a staff member accidentally stuck herself while drawing his blood. So, we have to confirm his status.

This morning my resident and I ended up debating which would be worse, getting stuck while drawing blood from a patient with Hep C vs. HIV. The PA joined in and asked if we would rather be HIV positive or have type 2 diabetes. Eventually – I’m not sure how – the conversation ended with a story from my resident that went something like this >

She was in the operating room as a medical student, fully scrubbed in. The case was going smoothly. Suddenly they hit an artery. The surgeons just kept working calmly, eventually stopping the vessel from spurting all over everything. She couldn’t see how they did it, be cause her face mask (and hair, and most of her left ear) were completely covered in blood.

Well. She thought it was funny.

In other news, my iphone is as addictive as cocaine. I feel like one of those lab rats who keeps pressing lever. I knew this would happen.

That’s all for now. more to follow. stay tuned.


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