200th post

December 18, 2010



(that’s excitement X two hundred)

It’s been almost a year’s worth of work to get to this point.

According to  Wikipedia, the year 200 CC started on a Tuesday. At that point the world’s population was approx 257 million (less than the united states – my how we’ve grown)

200 is the number of dollars for passing GO.

The main square in Krakow Poland is 200m x 200m

Unfortunately 200 speed film is being phased out – like the rest of film photograpy

The Community Unit School District 200  in Wheaton, Illinois has an average of 22.9 students per 4th grade class.

Three eggs are 200 calories

Four Tootsie Pops are also 200 calories

In 1999 a movie came out called 200 cigarettes. It only got three stars

Hot tea should be made at 200 degrees F (even though water boils at 212).

I could keep going. there are well over 200 facts about the number 200. But I have a shelf exam coming up. And, who – besides me – would actually read two hundred facts? Definitely not more than… oh .. 200 people.


2 Responses to “200th post”

  1. John Montrose Says:

    Congratulation on this momentous event.

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