Last day of surgery, first day of the rest of my life

December 21, 2010

Yesterday I went to see a dermatologist. On Thursday I noticed a black line on my thumb nail. I asked everyone I knew what they thought it was. My friend took a photo and texted it to his friend who was a dermatologist, who said I should get it checked out.

Over the weekend I read journal articles and the equivalent of a text book on nail pathology.  By Sunday I was convinced it was either hypochondria, addison’s disease, or the most deadly form of melanoma. I decided if I had three years to live John Montrose and I would go to Antarctica. I made plans for who would get my things, mourned the fact that I wouldn’t have children in this lifetime, and by Monday morning I came to peace with the impermanence of my fleeting existence.

Anyway, it was nothing. In fact, it turns out I have lots of lines on all my nails. The dermatologist said, “This is the most uninteresting thing I have ever seen.” She told me to make a follow up appointment in three months. Then we chatted about which specialty I should choose.

So. That’s that.

It’s strange that a week before an exam I end up with symptoms for a terrible – possibly fatal – illness. Last year I almost had aortic stenosis, multiple sclerosis, and a mysterious GI disease. Perhaps I can get a doctor’s note that would excuse me from finals, on the grounds that they might kill me.

Anyway, today is the last day of Surgery. Tomorrow is for studying. Thursday (if I survive that long) is the shelf. Then… hello 2011, and the Family Medicine rotation.


2 Responses to “Last day of surgery, first day of the rest of my life”

  1. Lori Says:

    Dude. I am so excited for your family medicine rotation! omg (seriously)

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