Plotzker vs. Plotzker

December 22, 2010

Brother:  do you know of any free clinics near me?
me:  callan lord is sliding scale
you sick?
Brother:  yes, and in a 1 month window where I don’t have insurance
last night I was kind of freaking out because I thought I might have meningitis
me:  can you touch your chin to your chest>?
do you have a fever?
Brother:  1. yes (good sign, I know. If I couldn’t, I’d go to the ER)
2. Maybe. It felt like it earlier, but I don’t have a thermometer, and I took a bunch of ibuprofen anyway
which lowers fevers, right?
me:  yep
well, how long have you been feeling this way?
and, any nausea/ vomiting?
or respiratory symptoms?
Brother:  no nausea/vomiting
yes respiratory symptoms
me:  productive?
Brother:  varies
me:  or dry cough?
Brother:  I’ve had a cough for over 2 weeks, but the headaches just started last night
me:  have you been drinking fluids?
Brother:  yep
me:  and going to the bathroom like normal?
Brother:  yep
me:  no caffeine?
Brother:  no caffeine
me:  or, any change in you caffeine intake?
Brother:  I can’t remember having caffeine recently
me:  ok
are you wheezing?
Brother:  not now. I was earlier
me:  okay.
how long has if been since you were wheezing?
Brother:  this morning
me:  well, alright, it sounds like a virus to be honest, that might be causing a bit of asthma exacerbation
Brother:  not really much I can do other than treat the symptoms then?
me:  so, I would probably guess if you see a doc, they will give you a super low dose of prednisone, and maybe a Z pac to be safe incase it is bacterial
but, I’m not a doctor
Brother:  I know
me:  i would start by getting a thermometer.
drink as much water as you can
and tomorrow make an appointment with Callan Lorde
Brother:  I was going to get one this morning, but I could barely get out of bed
me:  if you want to try acupuncture for it, I’d recommend City Acupuncture NYC
Brother:  oh, I’ve also been having lower back pain when I bend at the waist (either direction) or cough
me:  might be either inflammation, or if you’ve been coughing hard enough it can irritate the muscle
btw, how am i doing at this doctoring thing?
Brother:  good bedside manner
me:  thanks.

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