2010. WTF?

December 31, 2010

A year ago I wrote “2009 was like a relationship where I just didn’t fall in love; okay for the short term, but eventually it had to end. I have no regrets about me and 2009. We gave it our best shot.”

So, 2009 is some wishywashy thing that probably started on a dating website and didn’t pan out.

In that case, 2010 is a charming bipolar maniac I met at some club who convinced me to go home with him at the end of the night. The next morning I only have vague memories of the bizarre stuff that happened, to be confirmed by scratch marks all over my back and hickeys that will require turtle neck sweaters for at least a week. I leave his apartment a little hung over, thinking:

1) What???

2) That was awful

3) That was great

4) Ugggh, why don’t I have sunglasses?

Here’s to ringing in a new, hopefully less confusing year. Tonight I’m going to a  small gathering. I’m sure nothing exciting will happen, and tomorrow morning we’ll all be married to each other.

Happy new year.


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