Dr. Slacker, MD

January 8, 2011

My ability to accomplish anything has officially vanished. Leave it to me to suddenly have no – almost negative – interest in productivity when I have 6 hour days.

This week I watched movies. I guess I can check those off my to do  list. But, as for cleaning my turtle’s tank, or writing that application I’ve been meaning to do, or pursuing that gddamn mouse who isn’t falling for my sticky traps – screw it all. Schantal is wallowing in filth, the rodent is practically subletting John Montrose’s portion of the apartment (he’s in Berlin… er…. Istanbul… by now he’s probably on Mars), and I haven’t touched a key board to write anything in a few days, unless facebook counts.

Where is the go getter who woke up at 4 every morning to get the hospital by 6? Where is the girl with a million outside interests? I should be playing piano everyday, or working on building a bookshelf. Maybe I should drink coffee again. If things don’t change in a few days, I’m posting a missing person’s ad. Stay tuned. There will be a reward.


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