Anniversary weekend, fake patients, and a lot of snow

January 26, 2011

When things are happening, there’s no time to get it down.

Here are headlines for the next entry (hopefully tonight when I have a second to put the full stories on the internet):

* Roz and John Montrose Celebrate Seven Years with Champaign, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the 7 Train.

* If You Cut A Medical Student, Will She Not Bleed All Over Her Patient ?

* Flakes Overtake Manhattan

Stay tuned

In the meantime – since you deserve something more than a few headlines – here’s a prompt I had to do for this week’s writing workshop (at least I wrote something, right?). It was a first person exercise, where a narrator looks back on his/her younger self. If you’re interested in the rest of the story , let me know…

[Older-Younger Exercise]

It was a time when maturity of the mind and maturity of body were unequally matched; when the complexities of one’s thoughts, and the intricacy of one’s heart, were set in an inappropriate vessel. Physically, we were straight up and down. But, our young flexible brains twisted and curved around notions of discrimination, justice, love, and passion. We philosophized about the existence of a creator, about the nature of time, and whether morality was an absolute or relative truth. Yes, our vocabulary was only as developed as our non-existent hips. But we knew our wisdom was vast. We were eleven, now more than a decade under our thin belts. We even impressed each other. This is how we spent recess, under the oak tree next to the tennis court’s gate.

The playground was nothing to scoff at, and nobody did. It was across the parking lot from the school, and had two levels. The upper playground – assigned to us fifth graders – was bordered by the lot, the tennis court, a basketball court, and a gate that looked out to route 202. Below was the track where the lower playground housed the fourth and sixth graders of Lyon Middle School – our past and our future.


One Response to “Anniversary weekend, fake patients, and a lot of snow”

  1. Liza Lou Says:

    I’m interested in the rest for obvious reasons.

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