An indulgent week of entertainment

February 14, 2011

Last week was a series of celebration, victory, beer & wine, restaurants, concerts, parties, and dancing. I feel like I have accomplished either nothing or everything.

A few highlights and shout outs:

1) Loretta and Alex – awesome to see you and eat Vietnamese food, especially after a day of suit-wearing and talking to strangers about where I see myself in 10 years.

2) I shucked an oyster for the first time Thursday. It was difficult. I hope I become as strong as an oyster.

3) Alex – you are the coolest bassist-urologist I know who plays in a Motown cover band.

4) Jake and Jaime – can I dance in your living room again soon?

5) A liquor bar on Rivington called Schillers is great at 11 am on a Saturday morning. Joe’s Pub is good for Sunday mornings.

6) Allen Toussaint – will you marry me?

In terms of domestic matters, a wonderful woman named Anna is keeping my couch warm, and my fridge stocked with good cheese.  Meanwhile my beloved John is away fighting the good fight in San Francisco with a clown and a few puppets.

I have clearly overstayed my welcome on this blog entry, as sentences are devolving into nonsense..,. It’s time for bed.

Tomorrow starts my psychiatry rotation. Hope to see some of you there.


happy valentines day.

love, Roz




3 Responses to “An indulgent week of entertainment”

  1. John Montrose Says:

    Mr. Toussaint, I saw her first.

  2. Lindsay Says:

    Good luck in your new rotation. What will this bring to our hypochondria, I wonder?

  3. Lindsay Says:

    PS- Happy Valentine’s Day!

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