love poem >sigh<

February 15, 2011

A belated valentines gift to you, from a book called Lovely, Raspberry: Poems (Lori – thanks for this one!)

by Aaron Belz

Kissing you makes me feel like Godzilla!
I warned her. Oh wow, she responded.
That makes me so happy and warm inside.
Maybe you’re being sarcastic, but it’s true!

I said. She said, I was being sarcastic,
but is there a time today I can see you?
I want to use my lips to turn you
into a scaly monster, she warned me.

I want you to be all teeth like saw blades
and flames shooting out of your snout.
And I said, wait a second, not a dragon:
Godzilla. Fire comes out of his mouth.

She was quiet for awhile. I can’t believe
you’re correcting me when we’re both
being funny, she said. She was quiet again,
then added, I want you to be human.


One Response to “love poem >sigh<”

  1. Lori Says:

    YES! This poem’s actually from the super secret Google Reader archives – now appearing on the internet for the first time in years. Roz treats her readers right.

    FYI Aaron’s coming to NY/BK Feb 26th and 27th! You can hear him read and get the book and hang out and ALL that.

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