While you were gone…

February 21, 2011

I could easily write a diatribe on my overuse of the internet; or I could post a lengthy reflection on addiction as it applies to my relationship to communication

I won’t. I’ll only note that the first day I had cravings. It was difficult to be in the school library surrounded by computers. But, I also felt freed from the gravity of the seemingly endless online party I always feel like I’m missing if I’m not plugged in.

Anyway, during my sabbatical, I realized I need to cut back. The big questions is How. No internet before noon maybe? Leave my iphone in my backpack during the day? I even switched the icons around so my email was hidden…

What happened online when I was gone: nothing too special. I got about 50 emails. About 20 of them were worth reading. Half of those were worth responding to. I have stuff to catch up on (including this post. CHECK). A few things to look up, a few things to download.

For example – I need to listen to this seven more times, via Youtube…

and watch the other things on youtube that could enrich my life.

As for what I did while I was NOT  online. Friday one of my patients – a Russian who thinks he is in the mafia and was castrated in Coney Island – played me in chess. Every decent move I made he pronounced “GOOD!” When he took my queen, he declared, “That’s the difference between Russia and America!” Finally, he got me in check mate. I am still ruminating over the queen, and how I possibly could have been so careless to lose her. Now my rotation’s goals are twofold. 1) learn psychiatry 2)sharpen my game before this guy gets a discharge.

Finally, a few weekend shoutouts: Claire, thanks for having everyone over friday night. 5 weekends in a row. amazing… Lori, you ARE the middle of my social venn diagram – friday and sunday. incredible… Will and SL, it was sooooooooooo goooooood to play in (ooooooo – alright, enough) manhattan/ drink in hotels/ sit on the floor at UCB  saturday night. SL, extra happy birthday. Come back up sooooooooon (ha! got one more in!). Saha, thanks for the walk, and for the movie about a heroin addict’s funeral. My favorite genre! How’d you know?! Vera, you are the goddess of Sunday afternoons.  John Montrose, well, I think you’re the best.

Now, back to wikipedia…


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