Swan Lake

February 23, 2011

Last night John Montrose and I went with a group of friends to see Swan Lake. Big thank you to Britton and Cory for getting tickets in advance!

Having not read the synopsis first, we deciphered things for ourselves.

Act I: A Prince and his friends – while at a rave (?) – get the idea to go into the linen business. They decide to start with down comforters. In need of feathers, they enter the forest to search for birds. During the hunt, the prince (maybe still rolling?) falls in love with a hot swan who knows how to dance. He becomes an animal rights activist, but the swan belongs to a guy with a cape (plot hole. yet to be figured out).

Act II: There is an oil spill in the lake. Half the swans turn black. It is most likely the fault of the caped man, but his mysterious presence is never resolved because he vanishes toward the end. The ballet ends in heartbreak, environmental angst, and melodrama.

I’ve decided to write and choreograph a modern ballet, taking off of swan lake the way Rent borrowed from La Boheme. It will be called Parakeet Street, and tell the story of my pet Marcel, who was forced to move from Columbia’s campus to Brooklyn, where he falls in love with a mouse. Will their love transcend interspecies barriers? Not the way you’d expect!

Keep your eyes on the entertainment section of this blog for upcoming shows.


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