Game over.

February 24, 2011

An 8 year old boy with severe ADHD came to the ER because he lost control at school. During the psychiatric interview he was asked, “If you had three wishes, what would you wish for?” He said, “To live a good life, To have money, and for everyone in the world to be safe.”

Another patient – a 53 year old  woman with a moustache, alcoholism, and depression with psychotic features – is stable enough to go home. She was so thrilled she gave me a hug in the middle of the hallway.

My other patient – a pretty petite lawyer who had a nervous breakdown after losing her job – requested to stay one more day. All the other patients seem to have a crush on her (and I don’t think she minds).

Finally, our Russian chess player is going back to the motherland. A deportation officer comes for him tomorrow.

Tonight I’m trying my hand at sweet potato pie and psychopharmacology. Wish me luck.



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