12 steps to freedom

March 10, 2011

when the season changes – especially winter to spring –  there’s a collective urge to shake things up.  Shed old skin, give new romance a shot, quit your job, cut your hair, try drugs, and start a blog. It could be a busy week.

So, the point is, today I left my phone at home on purpose. I also stopped biting my nails. And, I drank decaf coffee this morning. Addressing these addictions – two longstanding friends, the other a newer and more disruptive acquaintance  – is step one of operation shake up 2011.

Results so far — my nails look like Katy Perry threw up on them. I fell asleep during our team meeting. And, I probably didn’t miss any calls because no one calls me during the day, except for a theater in Philadelphia that asks me to renew my student subscription at a newly discounted rate.  I don’t mean to sound pathetic. I love community theater, and their polite automated calls. Anyway, if you call me I won’t answer today. no offense.

The hair cut is tomorrow. Hairstyle updates and other shake up project announcements soon to follow. stay tuned.



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