Overheard in Nursing Station 52

March 15, 2011

Here’s what some of my patients had to stay this morning:

“I didn’t really want to hurt myself . I wasn’t gonna do it. I just wanted medication. I thought that’s what I was supposed to do if I wanted meds.”

“I’m happy because I feel normal. Yeah, I hear voices in the shower and at night. Especially my ex, Marcia. My Aunt Voodoo’d her. My father’s side does voodoo. I never knew my father, but his side of the family voodoo’d me when I got out of jail. I had long hair then, and they thought I had power in my hair.”

“Love, I don’t get enough of it. I just get these vampires and blood suckers.”

“I was up all night.”

“There are radiowaves digging into my brain. They’re coming from a Jewish satellite, that’s trying to kill me.”

“I’m the prince of Port of Spain in Trinidad.”

“You’re a saint just like me.”





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