Lecture Brawl

April 11, 2011

How do doctors entertain themselves during a Monday morning lecture?  MD showdown!

The scene: a lady is giving a powerpoint presentation about blood bank protocol to a 20%-full windowless lecture hall. She is careful to drop the last few syllables of her sentences. “You give O neg[itive]. Why couldn’t you give O pos[itive]? Right, because you’d make an anti[body]”. Blood bank slang.

Suddenly the chief OB/Gyn resident calls out in a Russian accent, “It’s not true~” (Not sure what he’s referring to, since I was checking my email.). He and the slang-intensive lecturer begin combat. His Point. Her counterpoint. We 20% are watching the back and forth like it’s the world championship pingpong tournament finals.  The Ob/Gyn chief seems to be winning – Until the chief of the Blood Bank chimes in from across the lecture hall! OH Crap, it gets intense now. We’re talking heated arguments about transfusion, with points and counterpoints flying across the room. It’s practically WWIII. A proverbial bloody battle, no pun intended. Finally, the BB chief puts the smack down, a proverbial tumbleweed rolls across the aisle, and the powerpoint continues.

Just another grand rounds.



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