Diagnosis: Cute

April 22, 2011

I’ve finished my most recent bout of angst. These come once every 4-6 months, and last 3-5 days. It’s kind of like menstruating. Even better actually. At the end you have a fun set of introspection-inspired resolutions to play with until the next Angst-period comes. Heh. Period.

Huge shoutouts to my amazing incredible Philly Phriends for last weekend: Morgan, Liz, Laura, Alice, Brian, Mike, and Liza – I loved seeing you. Special thank yous to Liz, Alice, and Liza for pizzas and places to sleep. Also – Big high-five to Alice’s aunt for a kickass bridal party for Alice.

Speaking of Aunts, I just saw all of mine at Seder. You might know them from previous comments. They’re even better in person. Happy Passover Greenwald-Brennan-Plotzkers.

As for the past two days of INFANTS: I have lost count. lots of boys, fewer girls, via C-sections and vaginal births. Today I only did 3 births. I think yesterday 4 or 5 (?).

The most memorable was an emergency C-section for a 25-week old baby. He weighs 1030 grams (about 2.3 pounds-the size of a newborn kitten). He is pink. I’ve visited him twice in the NICU. Today his incubator had a blue lamp that turned him purple. His heart rate was 142 beats per minute, and oxygen saturation was 96% with a ventilator. needless to say, I’m rooting for him.

I asked my chief if babies ever stop looking cute after you’ve seen 6-8 of them everyday for years. She said no. But, she also said that you figure out which babies are cuter. I guess you develop more sophisticated criteria, like appreciating a fine wine or good coffee. We spent the next few minutes comparing newborns, picking out the nuances of cuteness that only a finely tuned expert can assess.

Yep. This is my job.


2 Responses to “Diagnosis: Cute”

  1. Karen Says:

    Nuances of cuteness. I love it. I think I may be a self-taught genius in that particular field.

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