Meet Lisa Aslan

May 10, 2011

Lisa is a very good friend of mine. I have short-changed her on this blog. So, to over compensate, here is a brief summary of our friendship.

In 2005 Lisa graduated college and then went to Israel. I also graduated college that year and stayed in Philadelphia. We had not yet met yet.

Then, she moved to Brooklyn to test people for HIV and so did I. We worked together teaching homeless people about health for just under a year. (Side note – this is still the most fun job I have ever had).

In 2008 Lisa went to get her MPH in Baltimore (after a short trip back to Israel). I missed her terribly. So, she came back. Thus, we have continued our love for each other here in New York. In spite of my radio-silence about her on this blog, she has been a major piller in my social life — including but not limited to: most major Jewish holidays, an absurd amount of study breaks, and talking on the phone for unwarranted periods of time.  I am dreading our second year apart.

(Lisa, I hope you’re reading this. If you don’t leave a comment I am going to  embarrass you. more. love, roz)


One Response to “Meet Lisa Aslan”

  1. lisa Says:

    First things first–I was a pillar, not a piller. For those of your riveted by this account of our friendship, stay tuned…I will be starting a side commentary blog for Roz’s blog for those of you who feel neglected by Roz’s “shout outs.”

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