gchat, pediatrics, and tigers

May 15, 2011

A week of pediatrics. Cute patients, but it reminds me too much of being a nanny to do it full time. And, it’s a well-known fact that I think snot is one of the grossest substances on the planet.

So, here are some reflections on the past 6 days, a la me and my teammate “rick” on gchat

me:  ‪hey, they let me go at 9:30 yesterday, fyi
 ‪Rick:  ‪930 am?
 ‪me:  ‪yeah
 ‪Rick:  ‪whoa what time did you go in in the morning?
 ‪me:  ‪7.  how late did you stay when you were on call for a weeknight
 ‪Rick:  ‪like 5ish
 ‪me:  ‪great. Also, I think the resident I was with might take my parakeet.
 ‪Rick: haha nice
 Rick:  ‪wow 930, i hope that happens when im there
 ‪me:  ‪I was so pumped
 ‪Rick:  ‪i know, thats like a day off basically
 ‪me:  ‪but I ended up sleeping all afternoon
 ‪Rick:  ‪and then youre up already…well whatever
 ‪me:  ‪yeah. I have no regrets, why are developmental milstones so boring?
 ‪Rick:  ‪peds is horrible, i miss ob
 ‪me:  ‪yeah me too
 ‪Rick:  ‪i cant imagine why anyone would want to do this
 ‪me:  I can’t imagine who did the research to see that a 15 mo old makes a 3 cube towr, but an 18 mo old makes a 4 cube tower. I was definitely making a 4 cube tower by 15 months.
‪Rick:  ‪i was doing algebra by 15 months
 ‪me:  ‪and really, it takes you three months to figure out you can put an extra block up there? By the time I was 18 months I was learning to play Beethovan,
 ‪Rick:  ‪i was watching a thing on tigers last night, and the mom tiger was moving her cubs to another den…and she had 4 cubs…and after she had moved the 4th one, she went back to the old den and kept looking for more because tigers cant count. isnt that weird? they cant count to 4
 ‪me:  ‪well. human babies are smarter than grown up tigers. but tigers can still eat us.
 ‪Rick:  ‪true
 ‪me:  ‪this is going on the blog by the way
 ‪Rick:  ‪i can count the seconds left of my life as a tiger eats me
hah fine. can you make my name he rick? *be
 ‪me:  ‪sure

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