Suck it, Kate Middleton

May 19, 2011

Huh, that was an overly aggressive blog title.

I’m going to a wedding this weekend for the lovely Alice Macgill – recently Dr., soon to be Mrs. Maybe she wants to be Ms. Maybe Dr. will trump all gender-specific titles. Regardless, I’m more excited about Alice’s wedding than I was about Kate’s. So there.

Anywayzzle, long time no blog. To summarize pediatrics – the patients are adorable and they all have asthma and eye infections. Today I had to xerox a form and it came out of the machine with crayon all over it.  The wards are slow for allergy season. No complaints here. I hate snot. Plus, in my down time I can catch up on Sponge Bob in the Playroom.

More importantly, I am leaving the country. For those who still don’t know (even though I think I’ve posted this on the internet approx. 17,000 times):


Preparation so far… Yesterday I begged my loan lenders to give me a deferment while I’m gone. My landlord has my move out date. My passport is getting a work visa. Marcel is moving to Pennsylvania. John Montrose is going to become a vagabond for a few weeks. It looks like we will purge most of our earthly belongings at the end of the month (moving sale soon – stay tuned).

Most importantly, I’m trying to make a new blog for Vietnam. I learned a little CSS (what?! really?!) so I’ve been playing with how it looks. If anyone would like to preview, let me know.

I’ll leave you with that, darling reader. Time for a bus to Philadelphia for the greatest wedding of the year. (Yeah, Kate, you read right).


One Response to “Suck it, Kate Middleton”

  1. Alice Says:

    I love you. And one of my ears is ringing.

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