Pediatric Update: Kids are Animals

May 24, 2011

‪me:  ‪you’re going to love peds er

Sent at 9:27 PM on Monday

‪Rick:  ‪hah why

‪me:  ‪it was awesome. there are patients and things to do

‪me:  ‪today I helped staple a kid’s head, did a bunch of strep tests, helped catheter a toddler, and learned a little bit about how to put a cast on

‪Rick:  ‪thats sick.

me:  ‪by the way, how awesome is Dr. S?

‪Rick:  ‪yeah for sure. he still weirds me out sort of. but hes great

‪me:  ‪yeah. I feel so motivated after his sessions. For a split second today I considered going into neonatology

‪Rick:  ‪i know i was getting that too. it is supppperr interesting. its like a whole different species

‪me:  ‪I know. except when I work with babies I feel like I’m a vet.


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