September 2, 2012

I missed you.


How have you been? How was your year??? You can read about mine at http://www.Vietroz.com.

It’s been a month since I landed in JFK airport and accidentally gave my Russian cab driver directions to my house in Vietnamese. The rest of August was kind of like that. It revolved around adjustment to Brooklyn, then miraculously counterclockwising my way back to Hanoi. Meaning, I got an iphone.

In terms of adjustment: I moved back to my old neighborhood. My neighbors remembered me. The little girl who lived next door started 3rd grade and now she has glasses. My old neighbor Patrick took over the responsibility of growing tomatos in the front of the building. Me? I decorated my room. I cooked. I got a fish and a lot of plants. I also bought a fresh white coat and spent August working in a Jewish nursing home. I came up with a few projects that let me use my brain, along with some that make me use my hands. I reconnected with people who I love. I was a bridesmaid (sort of) for one of my best friend’s wedding (shout out to Aileen-Wifey-Nowlan-Schmidt-Gardner!!)

As for making my way back to Vietnam (virtually)… Everyday I have a cup of Vietnamese coffee. There’s a spot on 82 Mulberry street that sells it by the can. Everyday I talk to someone in Hanoi. I signed up for Vietnamese lessons to keep up my language skills. Who knows, might be useful someday. Mostly, I try to exercise the lessons I learned in Hanoi… prioritizing my relationships, also appreciating solitude, and being enterprising when it comes to pretty much anything.

(For anyone interested in more, I had to write an essay about my year for the Luce program. Happy to email it on request)

So, it’s a long weekend now. I’m teaching myself gynecology to prep for a gyn/onc rotation that starts next week. Out of the nursing home and into the OR. Also working on my applications for residency programs. Work work work stoop sale. Welcome back to New York.

Much more to follow.


8 Responses to “HI HONEY I’M HOME”

  1. dblynne1215@comcast.net Says:

    Rozzie, I didn’t even know that you had spent August working in a nursing home, when I asked that you specialized in geriatrics.  Just figured if you couldn’t cheer up old folks, nobody could.  Glad you are back in the US of A.

    Debbie Morton

  2. Anna Quarles Says:

    Welcome home!

  3. I’d like to see your Luce essay.
    Love, Mom

  4. MGreen1096@aol.com Says:

    Geez, Roz, you’re so busy and energetic. I loved the way you found yourself giving that Russian cab driver directions in vietnamese!!! It would have been even funnier if he happened to understand it! I was working on a little something to hold mini mags and alternative and conventional healthcare pamphlets for the mini health center. In any case, I hope you like it whenever the darn thing is finished. Aunt Mimi

  5. Sarah Brennan Says:

    Hi Roz,

    I’d like to read the essay you wrote for the Luce program. What’s your new address? Do you have a plain e-mail address? Rather than a blog etc.? Is Aileen in NY? Is she working or going to school? Did you know her husband? What does he do?

    Aunt Sarah

    Sarah M. Brennan
    McCausland Keen & Buckman

  6. Jessica Beitch Says:

    I’ve been thinking about you!!

    Welcome home. Wish I was there to greet you with a hug. How is it going? I’m dying to hear about the remainder of your time in Vietnam and how the adjustment back has been.

    Enjoy gyn onc. I’m in our Peds ICU for a couple moths, covering a maternity leave. Crazy, but I actually really like the pace.

    Kelly and I just moved in together 🙂

    Love and miss you, Jess

  7. Yevcha Says:

    Hi Honey (Pine)

    Home? To me you are traveling in a far off land, exotic & mysterious. I hear they have ‘bagels’ there. Tell me about it sometime. Or, perhaps I shall just have to come visit..

    Miss you already

    Y. cha

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