September 6, 2012

The gyn/onc elective is simultaneously working me to death and resurrecting my desire to be a doctor. Today was day two. I love the work. Love it. Love it the way Sesame Street muppets love reciting the alphabet. Love it the way my little brother loves Warcraft. I jumped out of bed today to get to the hospital by 6 am (also, my alarm didn’t go off…. but don’t let that downplay my enthusiasm).

Yesterday there were two procedures. The first was with…. a ROBOT. I thought about putting up a youtube video of a robotic laproscopic hysterectomy. Then I remember that you, my lovely reader, might not be a doctor, and might not care about seeing a surgical robot the way I do. But, obviously, it was awesome. Then I got to scrub in for the next one. I’ll spare you the play by play (incision, blood, etc). The important thing is we put a woman’s colon back together. I got to help close her abdomen.

It’s been a long time since I’ve felt so present in what I do, and so responsible for the people I’m taking care of. It doesn’t hurt that my patients are the sweetest women you can imagine. gush gush gush.

Outside of work – I lost my phone. Also, I ran around new york this evening looking for someone to appraise my grandmother’s watch. It belonged to her mother. Still ticks and tocks. The antique store sent me to Macy’s appraisal department. They sent me to Fred on 20 West 47th. Fred finally sent me to Erik at 8 west 47th. I learned that I should be careful not to lose it, and get insurance in case I do. Then I got a new iphone.

Same number. (this is crazy…) Call me, baby.


One Response to “Robodoc”

  1. Anyssa Says:

    Let’s swap lives for a week! I haven’t leapt out of bed before 6am for any reason for as long as I can remember.

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