Overdue post – sick day#2

September 13, 2012

There is no free time to write blog posts anymore. It takes a sick day. Make that two. Yesterday I was a pathetic lump of food poisoning, asleep for 36 hours straight. (Interrupted by occasional miraculous texts from Vietnam. Shout out to Alex – thanks for keeping me company during my delirium). Moral: Beware the fish arepas.

I still love OB/Gyn, and still love my team and my patients. Each day seems to last a week. By the evening I have a list of things to blog about. When I’m home, I manage to turn my computer on just in time to fall asleep in front of my WordPress dashboard, with the mouse hovering over “Add New Post”.

Things on the blog list: I have a patient from Belize who has stage III cancer because they don’t do pap smears regularly in Belize. My attending gave me a lecture on why I shouldn’t say “Thank You” when giving an order as a surgeon. Our robot broke and we had to postpone a procedure.

Sounds grim. But, we’re treating the patient as best we can (better late than never); I still say thank you and always will; they fixed the robot.

This week is also the last minute crunch for residency applications. I need to submit a photo (ugh). Thank god my computer has photobooth. Aside from that, there’s the frenzy of personal statements (is everything spelled right?), letters of recommendation (are they written??), and I need to select programs to apply to (where????)

Maybe a sick day or two isn’t such a bad thing.



2 Responses to “Overdue post – sick day#2”

  1. Jess Says:


  2. Trà Nguyễn Says:

    it seems that You meet a lot of difficulties now. try your best 😀

    cô Trà

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