September 30, 2012

Well, I got better. I turned in my residency application . Then it was Rosh Hashana.  Jewish New Years Resolutions: Write more, travel more, feel more, work more, sleep more, play piano. I went to Delaware for the holiday, then Philadelphia, then back to New York, and finally landed in the hospital. I rescheduled my boards exam… again… from January up to December. I swear I’ll take it at some point. I saw my amazing friend Anyssa play piano and discovered Couperin.

Then it was Yom Kippur. Back to synagogue, in conjunction with self imposed starvation and caffeine withdrawal. My Vietnamese textbook arrived. The last two days of Gyn Onc came and went. One patient went home. Another patient finally got the operation she needed.

Friday I celebrated by going to a fundraiser for an awesome org Pacific Links, then went to a show for my pal Mike Webster.

As for last night: shout to my friend Elliot, whose friendship has spanned from Vietnam all the way to Brooklyn. Additional shoutouts to Claire, Gill, and Lori — I love coincidences when they mean seeing you.

Now I’m on my way to the Hudson Valley. I’ve got two hours on an Amtrak train – one window is looking out to water, the opposite window is filled with trees showing the early signs of autumn. There’s free wifi. I’m having a work date with my lovely friend. A final important shoutout to Rachel Russel — hanging with you is nothing less than a roller coaster of joy.

Tomorrow starts my medicine sub-internship. Lovely reader, please say a prayer to the medicine gods and goddesses.




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