Don’t forget to write

October 6, 2012

Note: I have writer’s block. In lieu of a proper blog post, which is what you really deserve, here’s an unedited rambling few paragraphs (which is what most of my posts amount to anyway… so enjoy as usual)

It was my 1st week of a medicine sub-internship (not a 3rd year, not yet a resident). My patients are lovable, and for the most part fluent in English. One woman was devoted to Jehova, and I had to convince her to get a transthoracic echo via theological debate. Another patient, who I took care of all week for epigastric pain, finally had a bowel movement; I have never met a happier man, and I will never underestimate the importance of a good BM again. A 20 year old had shingles, but we managed to discharge him from the hospital in time for his physics midterm. A  patient in a manic episode let me draw her blood because she thought I was pretty. A man with tongue cancer and chronic pancreatitis is going home with a tube in his throat that hisses when he talks. A woman who’s been unconscious has the room with the best view in the hospital. Another woman who only speaks cantonese had GI bleeding, and we wrestled with the translator phone system to explain it to her.

The patients come and leave quickly in this rotation. Our team manages about 15-20 cases at a time. I want the patients to leave, because it means they are better. I want them to stay because I want to get to know them. Tricky.

My team is great, but they change next week. Can’t get too attached to the nice residents.

On Friday I got a haircut, and today I spent most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon watching videos about nephrology. I have had bizarre, uncharacteristic urges to stretch or do yoga. Today I tried running too. Weird. Must be the weather. In general, I’ve been waving my solitude flag this week, craving alone time, and pursuing a career as a hermit-rockstar… but, I guess you’re never alone as long as you have the internet, right, reader?

So, that’s what’s new – Living the dream as usual.

More to follow, hopefully soon.


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