A day of life

October 8, 2012

To the readers who made sacrifices to the medicine sub-I gods on my behalf: thank you! I have a day off for Columbus Day!

Now might be a good time to mention I’m auditing a college course, on the history of the world from 1300 onward. We finished the conquest of the Americas last week, and our first essay was due yesterday. I wrote it in the hospital on my lunch break. Anyway here are a few fun facts about the exchanges between the New World and Afro-Eurasia:

1. Europeans brought 14 epidemics to the New world. The indigenous population decreased by about 80% when all was said and done. In an attempt at revenge, surviving indigenous people kneaded blood into bread that they fed to Europeans, and threw corpses into wells to contaminate the water.

2. Europeans brought back syphilis from the New World.

3. Imported European pigs thrived in the caribbean, so much so that they dominated tons of local fauna. By the 1500s the islands were overrun with wild swine.

4. Pirates who hid out on caribbean islands captured wild pigs, skewered them, and roasted them over an open fire. They ate everything from beard (barb) to the tail (cue)…. (get it? barbecue?)

5. Potato, tomato, corn, and sugar businesses were BOOMING back then – not fair trade, though.

So, on those notes of Columbian exchange, Happy Columbus Day. I plan to celebrate by finishing my nephrology videos, doing more yoga, and possibly painting my nails. Someday I will stop biting them. Maybe.

By the way, if you’re interested in auditing a college course online for free check out http://www.coursera.org Reader, maybe we could be study buddies – whaddya say?

And, if plotzk isn’t enough, check out my latest medscape post: http://boards.medscape.com/.29ef0439/



2 Responses to “A day of life”

  1. dblynne1215@comcast.net Says:

    Rozzie, are you SURE you want to go into medicine? I read the Medscape post, too. You are such a good writer. So……what’s happening with those responses? (See? You’ve gotten me wanting more. If these blogs were for sale, I’d buy them—the Kindle editions.).

  2. anna Says:

    Oh good idea! I’m looking at coursera right now. xoxo

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