Doctors on a rainy day

October 10, 2012

I’m tired. No beating around the bush. Just the facts, please. 

My health insurance came through, so I went to three doctors today. (I have one for almost every part of my body).

I asked Dr. #3 about breast cancer. My namesake, a direct relative, passed away from it at 44. Given my Ashkenazi lineage, I wondered if I’d inherited a BRCA gene as well as a name. At 4 pm I gave a tube of blood to find out. Results come in October 30th. 

I received my first Thanks-but-no-thanks response from a residency program. It was a reach school to begin with, so I’m not surprised. Regardless, No’s are discouraging.

Also, it rained all day. 

So…. There’s a lot on my mind. Cancer. My career prospects. The location of my umbrella.

In a way nothing’s been lost (except a tube of blood). I won’t go to a residency program that I never went to in the first place. I’ll find out about my genetics, and that knowledge won’t change the twisted ladder of DNA in every cell that makes up “me”. 

Tonight I just want to focus on being dry, enjoy the glass of wine in front of me, and go to bed early so this day ends soon. I’m ready for a hug if anyone’s offering.

A grateful shout out to Becca and her mom Deb – lovely to talk to you this afternoon, as always. Much Love. 



4 Responses to “Doctors on a rainy day”

  1. Mom Says:

    Big virtual Mommy bear hug!!!

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