A few long weeks, briefly.

November 15, 2012

The history class I followed was put on the back burner. Vietnamese class is on hold too.  I even stopped blogging for about a month… But, in spite of dropping most-if-not-all of my extracurricular activities, life was busy.

I was preoccupied with medicine – personally, psychically, professionally. Scheduling interviews, studying for the boards, and navigating life in the hospital. Some of my patients got sicker. Specialists floated into and out of their rooms as if through a revolving door. When one problem resolved, another appeared, and we had to draw more blood. I met my patients’ families. A few patients simply had neighbors visit, and one patient had no visitors at all.  My patients started to get better. They went home, or went to a sub-acute rehab facility, and I don’t think I will ever see them again.

Just as my sub-internship wrapped up, hurricane Sandy hit New York. The residents told me to stay home. I got restless during the day, tried to volunteer at an evacuation shelter, but ended up at my friend’s house and fell asleep watching Blade Runner. Reader, please don’t tell me what happens in the middle.

The skies cleared. Airplanes took off for NYC again. JFK reopened, and I got there three hours ahead of my visitor’s flight. For the next two weeks I went from novice doctor to novice tour guide. We went to Storm King. We learned the history of Times Square, watched improve comedy at UCB, climbed a wall in Brooklyn. We ate an apple pie that was mostly butter over the course of a week. We watched Obama get 4 more years (woot!). We walked a lot, and rode trains.

He went snow boarding while I went hiking around abandoned ski slopes. He met my grandmother, my parents, and my Aunt Mimi, and survived them all. He got a haircut.

Then we watched Skyfall (Anyone want to see it with me again?) skated in Bryant Park as soon as it opened. I found out I don’t have any of the BRCA genes in my DNA (HOORAY), so we celebrated at a Filipino restaurant. Yesterday I went back to the hospital, and he went back to JFK.

Today I went to JFK. Then to Charlotte, NC, and finally to Asheville for my first residency interview. It’s tomorrow. Reader, please say a prayer to the suit goddess for me that nothing unbuttons. Asheville is adorable (as some of you know).  The hospital is enveloped by the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, and there’s a decent bagel place across the street. Could this be home?

More to follow…


One Response to “A few long weeks, briefly.”

  1. kmetre Says:

    1) Yes, I want to go see with Skyfall with you again… you read my mind 2) yay no BRCA 3) I get back in 3 days so get excited

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