Thanks a lot

November 25, 2012

We last left off in a small mountain town. After my interview I found the movie theater that serves gourmet pizza and beer, and movies are $3 a pop. I had my picture taken with the Christmas Llama in the thanksgiving day parade, wandered around a main street (art gallery, microbrewery, cute cafe, repeat), and cried my eyes out by the end of The Sessions. Must See, if you haven’t yet. By the time I left Asheville, I was convinced that the Blue Ridge Mountains could sing if they wanted to, and I also desperately wanted a puppy.

Interviews are ramping up. I had a second one last Tuesday in New York. Three next week. Three the week after that. a few more in the following weeks. In the spirit of the season I’ve decided to count my blessings regarding this process:

1) Even though my suit makes me look like a boy at his bar mitzvah, a little lip gloss is enough to genderbend me back to a grown woman

2) I have friends who will house me the night before my out of town interviews (Shoutouts to Liza, Alice, Morgan, and Laura)

3) Laura, can I crash at your place the night of the 20th? xox

4) I have enough stamps for thank you cards for all my interviews. And enough thank you cards for at least half of them.

5) Megabus. I love you.

6) I can divert any difficult interview question by saying something in Vietnamese

7) Hospitals love to feed residency applicants delicious food.

8) Barack Obama is the president.

On that note, Reader, a belated happy Thanksgiving. I’m obviously grateful for you – where ever you are in the world, whether or not you commemorate the relationship between native americans and pilgrims like my family does – with a long dinner full of turkey and mild tension, and PBS on the TV in the background. So, Thanks for reading 🙂

And, finally… live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!



One Response to “Thanks a lot”

  1. Mgreen1096 Says:

    A lot to be thankful for!!!!


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