Hanukah, T, and my Shrt Attn Spn.

December 12, 2012

I have written 4 blog posts in my head this past week. Topics ranged from my friend Michelle’s new album (amazing) to Tuba Xmas in Rockefeller’s center; from my parent’s trip to Hawaii for their zillionth anniversary, to where I should go for residency.

But, instead of blogging, I had to study. Forever. ish. Don’t feel abandoned, reader. I was thinking of you the whole time.

Anywho, my attention span is microscopic enough today that I’ve decided to take a yet-another-study-break to catch up. Here’s what’s new since I last wrote…

It’s Hanukah, Day 4 — half over already. Shout out to Mom and Dad. Thanks in advance for the presents, which I’m midway through. I have a new addition to my to-read-list. My room smells like vanilla. And – if I ever get perfume – I have something pretty to store in it. And special shout out to Tiffany for the candy cookbook. Sugar is my middle name. (Yes. Roz Sugar Plotzker).

Also, I took an exam yesterday. For 8 hours I rotated through 12 actor-patients and tried to 1) make eye contact, 2) speak fluent English, and 3) figure out what’s wrong with them. If I say anything more I’ll be banned from taking any more licensing exams. So, there you have it.

Also (#2), starting tomorrow I’ll be on the road. First to NOLA, then to San Fran. Some interviews & a friend-tour to wrap up 2012 before xmas. Get it? Wrap…? Like a present… If you email me your address I will realmail you a post card from one of the two above cities. No matter where you are… (For some reason I’ve been getting a lot of hits from Australia lately… If YOU’RE from Australia and reading this, please leave a comment. Also, whoever in Russia looked at my blog today, nice to meet you too.)

In lieu of a holiday card, here’s a picture of something to make you smile:

photo (7)


Now, on that note, it’s back to the books. Please Distract me. Thanks in Advance.


2 Responses to “Hanukah, T, and my Shrt Attn Spn.”

  1. Yevcha Says:

    Yes ma’am. Do I get a postcard now? 🙂

  2. Gabriella Says:

    I am afraid I’m your Russian spy 😉 I’m on vacation in Moscow with some glorious free time to read old friend’s blogs and get nostalgic about the interview trail. Let me know if you or a friend need a place to stay in New Haven.

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