2013, epidemix, tomorrow

January 8, 2013

2012 ended with 9 hours of multiple choices, 2 giant cracked mirrors left on the sidewalk, and  a strange nesting period that has continued into 2013. My living room has framed maps hanging on the wall, and curtains. There’s an uncracked mirror in my bedroom. Last night a desk arrived.

Here’s where I am right now:

photo (7)

It’s nice to have a place to sit. The last desk I had was in college. It was used for laundry. I did my work on the floor, my laptop on an upside-down crate. I decided desks were useless. After that, I lived a deskless existence. I wrote at kitchen tables, on my lap, in libraries, diners, bars, cafes, sometimes in a bathroom when that was the only room with a lock on it. In Vietnam I wrote on a folding table in my room, which I wouldn’t consider a desk so much as a side table.

Anyway, here I am. In my nest. An old sewing table has been reincarnated into my work space. It feels good. Little. Efficient.  I’m writing a paper about epidemics in Philadelphia. That’s for school (no kidding). Did you know the first time the American government consulted doctors for public health advice was in 1793, during the yellow fever epidemic?

I’ll also be blogging more – from my new desk. I have a month to myself to sit around and think about epidemics in Philly. Stay tuned, reader… I know you’re as curious as I am about the effect cholera had on social change for Irish immigrants.

Speaking of non-sequitors. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Sarah and Uncle Eddie! Much love to you both.

As for what the future holds: tomorrow is my last residency interview. Thursday it’s back to Asheville for a second look at the hospital that does water births, and the Blue Ridge mountains. Then I’m home this weekend… in time to watch cartoons from the 80’s in a movie theater in Williamsburg. Reader, if you’re in brooklyn, care to join?

Oh yeah. Happy New Year.




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  1. Yevcha Says:

    Have desk will scribble.

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