NC, Blue Sky, and Yellow

January 10, 2013

I’ve landed. Hello from a Barnes and Noble in Biltmore Park, Asheville North Carolina. For you regular readers, you might remember this mountain town from back in November, back when I was green to the interview experience…. so long long ago. Now – a seasoned(?)/ mature(?)/ expert (?) applicant – well, I’m here to take a second look. So far, their Barnes and Noble is lovely, and the sky is blue. Could this be my Barnes and Noble next year? My blue sky in January?

To commemorate a potential future I bought a planner. It’s the old fashioned kind: monthly calendars in the front pages, a fat weekly section in the middle, and a designated place for “notes” in the back. It’s bright yellow, and says “2013” in gold letters in the top right corner. Classy, no?

There are also maps at the end. Maybe I can use them convince myself that New York and Asheville are really only 1.5 inches apart.

me map



One Response to “NC, Blue Sky, and Yellow”

  1. Yevcha Says:

    How far apart does that make Asheville & Brisbane?

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