A month, categorically

February 15, 2013

It’s been four weeks since I’ve written. A lot has happened, and there’s a lot about to happen, and frankly the idea of blogging everything is a little daunting. But – lucky for you, my beautiful reader – I just drank a stiff cup of coffee. Plus it’s Friday and I don’t feel like studying. You know what that means: a really long blog post. 

Lately I’ve learned to be systematic about things. In radiology (my current rotation) we look at every image in the same order, as if we were visually reciting the alphabet of the body. Now, with a month’s worth of material to cover in one post, it seems appropriate to write things methodically. Let’s go by topic, shall we?

HEALTH: Not much to report. Air is coming into and out of my lungs. Blood into and out of my heart. No fevers, weight loss, rashes, or broken bones. I got new glasses that are too expensive. I tell myself it’s better than not having the option to see the world crisp and clear. That said, to all my nearsighted homeboys & ladyfriends, sometimes the world looks amazing when it’s fuzzy. Am I right?

OCCUPATION: Med School. I’m still in it. 3.5 more months to graduation. When we last left off I was writing a paper about cholera in the industrial revolution for my history of medicine class. That’s done now. If anyone wants to get a drink and chat about the controversies between Chadwick’s sanitation policies vs. the ideologies of Virchow and Farr, I am so down for that. Besides writing last month, there was a moment (week) when I wasn’t sure if I [c/sh/w]ould be a doctor. I talked to my mom & dad for a few hours… By “mom & dad” I mean them, my roommates, Tonya, Liz, Jess, Krystal, Alex, Naz, Nick, Aileen, Claire, Suzi, Joanie and probably a few other people who generously listened.  Thanks to everyone. Anyhow, in the end I ranked my residency programs, and certified my list. It looks like I’m going to be a doctor… or at least give it a real shot. We find out where on March 15th. STAY TUNED. Other things that have occupied my time include having a fantastic birthday party, and realizing what it means to be 30. (I.e. an adult, but not old yet).

EDUCATION: Did you know there are actually 2000 Shades of Gray? Luckily radiologists have narrowed it down to 4 – air, fat, soft tissue and bone. What else is there, really? Last week we learned how to read chest X-rays. This week we’re studying the abdomen, a bit of neurological imaging, and some musculoskeletal pathology. Combine that with my two online classes about 1) clinical research, and 2) How Doctors Think, and I’m actually kinda busy… Outside of school, I’m learning about Buddhist views of fearlessness (yay ID Project!). Finally, on my birthday I reflected on what I learned from my twenties. Here are a few things I figured out.

1) How to be happy by myself 
2) How to meditate regularly 
3) How to tell when I’ve had enough to drink for one night. 
4) How to not take things personally. 

It took me a decade, but that’s not bad. Hopefully chest X-rays won’t take as long, since I have a quiz next Tuesday.

RELATIONSHIPS: (The good stuff) Valentines Day was yesterday. I didn’t get to say “I love you” to everyone I love. I definitely tried. There are a lot of you out there. I might as well take this categorical opportunity to mention that I’m dating someone.  Now I know I need a little over 6 months before I’m willing to admit to having a boyfriend on the internet. In the interest of anonymity we’ll call him YC. I don’t want to disclose too much. Even for a blog, this stuff is kind of personal. I’ll just say: he likes science a lot, his sense of humor is dark, and he lives in Australia… What’s a hemisphere or a fifteen hour time difference matter when there’s Skype? And Viber? and What’s App? and Gchat? Well. It matters a little. I’m going to visit YC in April. Twenty-six hours on a plane to go on a date with this guy. (Worth it). Other relationship stuff: Shout out to my new friend Amanda, who I met on Craigslist. Also, shout out to Jonthon, who I met in Burma when he lived in Indonesia and I lived in Hanoi — now we’re taking on New York City together. Finally, a very warm welcome to new Brooklynite (and my fellow Luce Scholar) – Chris Magoon! Can’t wait to see you in the neighborhood!

I think that about covers all the bases for now. Did I leave anything out? If yes, feel free to leave comments or questions. I ought to get back to radiology. If anyone is curious how to interpret a sonogram of a kidney, I’ll get back to you in a week. (Study interruptions welcome — text/email/phone calls/hand written letters/visitors. Thanks in advance)



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