Are you sure…?

July 21, 2016


I’m blogging again.

For those who met me after medical school: I used to have a blog. See below, if you’re curious about my internal/internet monologue during those years.

For those who lost touch with me after medical school: I moved to Queens, and delivered babies for two years – 600 New Yorkers who I expect will all graduate college by 2037, and be as remarkable, kind, and charming as they were the day I met them.

There was no blogging then, for better or worse.

After six hundred births, I switched to Preventive Medicine — a field nobody has heard of and everyone needs. The problem with prevention is that if you do a good job nothing happens.

Two days ago I landed in Bangkok, where I’ll work with the Thai Red Cross’s HIV prevention programming this summer…

And, I’ll be blogging again! Hooray!

I don’t plan to write much about work. This blog is what it has always been: a  personal journal, written to be shared with you, beautiful reader. It’s old fashioned, but I hope you like it.

Stay tuned.