July 31, 2016

Last week I wrote to my friend Liz, Hanoi is a small dose of Eat Pray Love…

I had a lot of alone time, a lot of free time, saw friends who I think bring out the best in me. I rode as many motorbikes as my heart desired. I saw my friends’ babies, which made me think a lot about family. I cried when I watched Michelle Obama’s DNC speech. A hurricane came and went.

Now I’m back in Bangkok. If Hanoi was Eat Pray Love, this is Lost in Translation.  I am Scar Jo, pre-Bill Murray. I’m sorry to say, this blog is will probably take a turn for the dull. (If you stop reading, I understand). I’m picking out routines, haunts, schedules. Bangkok sounds exotic. It definitely can be, if you let it. Then again, so can anywhere. I’m not up for adventure right now. I’m excited to do yoga regularly and read books and write an overly descriptive blog entry now and then.

SPEAKING OF BOOKS: I finished Maitland’s How to be Alone – too meta? I know. It was sweet, written by a women who lives in isolation in Scotland. The beginning was a bit defensive. She belabored her point that there was nothing wrong with enjoying solitude, giving examples of geniuses and creatives and spiritual leaders who thrived on alone time. Okay okay, we get it! But it moved into more helpful reflections eventually; how solitude is a celebration of one’s  existence; how, in the end, it enriches relationships with other people.  Worth the read.  I gave my copy to my friend Tra – a loner who I love to spend time with.  

Next Up: Revolutionary Road. So far, really good. Better than the movie. Then again, I have an unexplainable soft spot for 1940’s and 1950’s American writing. (I will always love you James T. Farrell). 

By the way: I tried a sensory deprivation chamber (Maitland suggestion). No distractions. I listened to my pulse, and I think I fell asleep. Reader, if you ever have the chance, please try it. I also signed up for 100 days of a meditation podcast. Today is day eight. I am 8% transformed!

Here is a the coffee shop where I hang out.

photo 4photo 3photo 2

If you put me in Antarctica, I probably could still find the right coffee shop, and maybe even a used bookstore. (The one in Bangkok I like is called Dasa)

On that note, lovely reader, thank you for reading. Let me know if you want to Skype sometime. Solitude has its merits, but so does video-chatting.


One Response to “B(ac)KK”

  1. Aunt Sarah Says:

    I see you’re now in Thailand, Roz. How long will you be there? Are you traveling, giving a seminar, going to a seminar or what?

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