100 days, and then

November 10, 2016

I finished 100 days of meditating and writing in a journal. July 24 – Oct 31. It was tumultuous. Not much blogging (see below). I’m glad to have a few scratches of a record to make up for my increasingly inadequate memory. Journal entries are dehydrated ideas, preserved at their bare minimum, to be resurrected much much later; not unlike the jar of lentils in my pantry. They are not ever as good as fresh reality – only ingredients for relivable snapshots (at best). Someday I’ll read the lentil-sized stories I wrote in August, and let them simmer in my proverbial pot of hot mental-water. I might not actually be in Asia at the Red Cross, but it damn well might feel like I am. For just a moment.

But first, a quick summary since last August, to get you and I back on track….

August: I wrote a lot when I was in Bangkok. Nostalgic Reader, if you want to reminisce with me about preventing HIV, or transgender health, or ordinal logistic regressions, just ask.

September: back in the states – there were a few endings. Some hurt more than others. I have a secret affection for the angsty painful moments in life – the sour ones, the bitter ones, the flavors that flesh out what an experience means, or meant.  I am not a masochist. A friend once said I take comfort in discomfort. Kind of. In that growth-from-struggle way. Anyway, sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that ever happened.

October: the pendulum inevitably swung the other direction. The spaces the endings left behind were filled with beginnings. The tension resolved with release. It always does, doesn’t it?

November (1st week): I started a new journal. It has orange zigzag stripes.  Still meditate daily. Last weekend I went to an Ashram. My favorite reset button. Om. I am in disbelief about the election results. Also over-saturated with everyone’s responses on social media.  Maybe I’ll save my two cents for another entry.

NOW -3:48 EST – I am sitting in my kitchen. I finished lunch (lentils), and am working on coffee. I am procrastinating because I don’t feel like studying spanish. I need to learn it quick. I will work in Puerto Rico for two months this winter. More to follow when that happens, or upon request.

¿Usuario útil, hablarás español conmigo?



One Response to “100 days, and then”

  1. frankish Says:

    Anyway, now I know A bullet can dodge you, and sometimes not getting what you want is the best thing that ever happened.

    Just great


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